What is FIRT Therapy?

The Healing Power of Light!

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Far infrared energy dates back to ancient methods of healing in China, India, Japan, and other ancient eastern civilizations. Alternative healing methods, such as Reiki generate natural Chi energy used for a healing in many alternative clinics in China. Palms of energy healer radiate FAR Infrared Light which then if held over patient's body, started to emanate an invisible light, turning the healer's hands hot, causing tingling and sometimes a wave-like sensations. This heat (an invisible light) which grew in intensity as it penetrated through skin, entered an area that was most in a need of healing.

According to new scientific facts:

Far Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our bodies respond readily, in healthful ways, to Far Infrared energy (Light/Heat Therapy). Yogis in India used Kundalini hot-light energy (Shakti) that emanates from within the root chakra and moves up the body while removing energetic blocks and illnesses. Following the ancient traditions, in China and Japan Reiki is still used as a way of healing culminating the “cool" chi (life force) energy. As well as Qi Gong, Tai Chi that is widely used as a natural way of moving and harnessing energy. Let's not forget Martial Arts and Bruce Lee, who himself used Chi as the primal force during a fight and with a great success!

Many ancient civilizations in Italy, pre-Colombian America, as well as Egyptian cultures and others used biologically created light therapy. Today, the most advance clinics and hospitals use Far Infrared technology for its abundant healthful effects. There is no doubt that the secret of light emanating heat has been around for centuries with an incredibly powerful healing effect.

The Role of Infrared

The role of far infrared irradiation at improving blood flow and patency of arteriovenous fistulas in hemodialysis patients. Dialysis for kidney disease is a tremendous problem world wide.

(3- Lin CC, Chang CF, Lai MY, Chen TW, Lee PC, et al. Far-infrared therapy: a novel treatment to improve access blood flow and unassisted patency of arteriovenous fistula in hemodialysis patients. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2007;18:985–992. [PubMed])

Far Infrared Treatment

Far infrared treatment improves ventricular arrhythmias (a condition where the rhythm of the heart is not normal) in congestive heart failure. (2- Kihara T, Biro S, Ikeda Y, Fukudome T, Shinsato T, et al. Effects of repeated sauna treatment on ventricular arrhythmias in patients with chronic heart failure. Circ J. 2004;68:1146–1151. [PubMed])

Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared therapy and whether it improves impaired vascular endothelial function in the setting of coronary artery disease risk factors. This suggests that there is a therapeutic role for far infrared therapy for atherosclerosis.
(1- Imamura M, Biro S, Kihara T, Yoshifuku S, Takasaki K, et al. Repeated thermal therapy improves impaired vascular endothelial function in patients with coronary risk factors. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2001;38:1083–1088. [PubMed])

More benefits:

Improves blood flow, reduces chronic pain, helps improve conditions such as Raynaud's disease (numbness in hands and feet), prevents depression, increases metabolism, improves sleep patterns, fights insomnia & fatigue.