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What is the Difference Between an Infrared Indoor and an Infrared Outdoor Sauna?

This is a very common question especially among first time sauna buyers.Here you will find some helpful information to guide you toward your sauna purchase.

Indoor Infrared Sauna

You don't have to leave your home.
A beautiful enhancement.
Limited space.
Cannot be used outdoors.
With an indoor infrared sauna – that is all you get – you do not have the option of the outdoor conversion because the materials an indoor sauna is built with are not suited to withstand nature's elements.Too, the heaters on an indoor sauna will take longer to heat up due to the outdoor climate changes.

Outdoor Infrared Sauna

Not limited by the space limitations.
Your imagination really is the limit in terms of location, size, and appearance.
Requires better quality outer paneling and insulation to protect it from Nature's elements.
Outdoor Sauna Guru saunas are built with thicker wood material and duly insulated walls.
Carbon and full spectrum heaters that heat up fast and a tile floor for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Getting the option of two saunas for the price of one!

InfraredSaunaGuru's saunas give you the option - should your circumstances change - to convert it into an indoor sauna.All InfraredSaunaGuru's saunas come with a standard flat roof but are also equipped with an easy to remove shingle roof for indoor conversion.

Bottom line though - choosing either an outdoor sauna versus an indoor sauna really boils down to space and preference.Cost too is an important factor – with this in mind - InfraredSaunaGuru is committed to helping you choose what works best for your pocket book and your particular situation.We have been in business since 2001 and have experienced with many, many prototypes to finally be able to offer our customers a sauna that has been tried and proved true for use in all Seasons.

Give us a call or shoot us an email. Let us help you build a nice relaxing hideaway right on your own property!