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Infrared sauna has been shown to be one of the least invasive and most effective ways to remove unwanted chemicals form our bodies. There are over 80,000 chemicals present today in the environment that our great grandparents never had to cope with. These chemicals can disrupt normal functioning and actually be the primary cause of a dis-ease.

When our bodies are flexible, we simply feel better. We are not prone to as many aches and pains and are able to experience a new freedom in movement and rest. Infrared saunas can be a useful tool to help increase and maintain our flexibility. Sitting in the infrared sauna helps tired tight muscles and tendons relax and become supple again. Experience this for yourself!

Recent studies have shown a connection with regular infrared sauna usage and increased heart health. Infrared sauna has the ability to raise body's resting heart rate for what can be called a “passive" aerobic workout (All while sitting peacefully inside the sauna). The heart is pumping faster and moving oxygenated blood around the body, while dispelling waste. Yet there is little or no strain on the muscles and joints associated with regular aerobic activity. Now that's the way to exercise!

Raising the body's core temperature has been shown to boost immune response. Back in time of Hippocrates,, healers were raising their body's temperature in an effort to ward of disease. The infrared sauna is an effective way of raising core body temperature. Just as soon as you start feeling the early symptoms of a cold or a flu, get inside your sauna. It may be the best natural medicine ever!

Many people have a difficulty breathing in a traditional "box of rocks" sauna, where the air routinely goes above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. People with asthma or allergies (like myself) will surely not last even a short time in these type of saunas.
By contrast, the Infrared Sauna heats the body directly, while the air remains comfortable to breathe. This is because infrared heats the body directly, while passing through the air. Therefore, it is very comfortable for people with breathing problems. Infrared offers tremendous energy and time savings and as a bonus. After heating, It is ready to use in about fifteen minutes, versus the normal one hour wait time of a traditional sauna.

Used after the acute phase of injury, infrared heat has been shown to be an effective aid in the healing process. Infrared also allows for a greater flexibility to help prevent those injuries before they happen. Warming up in the infrared sauna before sports or recreational activities, can help to lessen the severity and time spent in recovery.

Generally, one of the first things that customers report after getting their sauna is how soft their skin feels. Infrared is not Panacea (Greek Goddess of Universal Remedy), but has been shown to improve skin function. Once toxins are removed, the body seems to function much better and many conditions just seem to clear up on their own.

We live in a culture of stress. When you get into your infrared sauna, stress melts away as the infrared penetrates into the soft tissue removing pain and relaxing muscles. It's just good to have a place without cell phones and other distractions. Thirty minutes a day in an infrared sauna is one of the best ways to de-stress your life.

Our unsurpassed Ultra Carbon heaters can penetrate the body up to 2" for deep healing and toxin removal. We have designed our heaters to give off infrared in the spectrum that is called the “Vital Rays". These wavelengths encompass the resonant frequency wavelengths of the human body and the resonant frequency wavelengths of water molecules.

Improved Metabolism: I have heard of this in the infrared saunas, but was very pleasantly surprised to see it was actually true.

How well you sleep and how much energy you have during the day go hand in hand. Technology, which is designed to make our life easier, has actually created a society that is chronically fatigued. Once your body becomes free of toxins, it becomes re-energized and you will feel the difference in your increased stamina and the level of energy. Just another fantastic by-product of infrared sauna.

Our infrared saunas generally improve our lives by reducing pain, lowering stress, burning calories and eliminating toxins; all this while giving us the experience of a day at the spa. What could be easier or better for us? Every day we use our infrared sauna, we are moving towards health and away from disease.

The following section contains a good overview of studies, case histories, journal articles and clinical observations from some of the leading health practitioners of our time. Topics range from diverse subjects such as Cellulitis to Fibromyalgia and Detoxification to Heart Health.