Guru Sauna Difference

Saunaguru is a world class company providing the highest quality and best performing natural health care products available. We have medical research and development team.

This is a buyers guide that is intended to help you through your purchasing decisions. Regardless if you purchase a unit from Saunaguru this is the most important section that you can spend time reading.

Many doctors and experts are advising to avoid exposure to levels of 3mG or higher. Far North Wellness was the only company that met this standard....

At Infrared Sauna Guru, we only use our exclusive Ultra Carbon high output infrared heaters. The production of our heaters allows them to produced more infrared heat per square inch. Our heaters are the same heaters used in many of the more costly saunas available on the market and are commercial grade.

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which are invisible electrical and magnetic forces. Everything generates an electromagnetic field. The natural earth creates one, and so does the human body. You create an EMF of about 10 hertz. Artificial electromagnetic fields are caused by human activities and technologies (from appliances to cell phones to high voltage wires). These EMFs have been shown to cause biological stress.

There are various different types of woods available for use in the infrared saunas. Most commonly you will find cedar and hemlock with a few companies using pine and basswood.

As the relaxation and health benefits of saunas become more widely appreciated, an increasing number of people are investing in sauna kits for their homes. This growing trend is helped by the wide range of both indoor and outdoor sauna kits for sale.

Although an Infrared Sauna is very health beneficial to a human body, it may not be for everyone. Customer acknowledges his/her responsibilities as the sauna user at his/her own risk.