About Us

OutdoorInfraredSauna was founded by InfraredSaunaGuru as a sister company due to the many requests from various clients and an insatiable urge to manufacture a truly great outdoor sauna that will withstand any weather and bring joy for many years.

Years of experiments, vast number of various prototypes, a whole list of tests – and here we are! We have made the perfect and most effective infrared sauna for outdoor use. Now we have the result – a whole line of already manufactured sauna units that will be able to fit any taste and budget with no problem.

Or main commitment at OutdoorInfraredSauna is to keep clients satisfied with the quality products we provide and the services we offer. So it is always in our top priority to focus our work on making a great, high quality infrared sauna with the ability to experience all the possible features of luxurious saunas at a much more appealing cost that will not blow the budget as much.

We produce top quality, highly effective and very durable infrared sauna therapy units with various available features and upgrades, including a possibility of modification to be used as indoors, as well as outdoors. Please see our list of available selections for all types of settings – we work with clinical and commercial settings as well as residential ones.

Many years of experience, high grade certified specialists – and we have it all for your aid. Our experts can answer any possible variety of questions you may have considering the timber used in the manufacturing process, electronics and controls, infrared therapy, available features and upgrades – you name it! To get acquainted with all the available information – don't hesitate to call us or send an e-mail. Be sure – one of our experts will happily answer your questions and help you make the right choice.