4 Person Sierra/Rustic

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I have tried the 4-person sauna with great results. I have recently moved to Central California. Due to the move, my neck and shoulder muscles were very sore and tight. I used the sauna and was able to get not only the relaxation but the additional heat helped with the sore muscles. I used it prior to going to bed and had the added benefit of being completely relaxed and enjoyed a great night of sleep. Go to Sauna


We ordered sauna from Infraredsaunaguru it arrived a few days later. The packaging was very good and there was no freight damage. Very simple to set up with 2 people ( the parts are not real heavy but are too large too handle by 1 person ). Plugged it in and every thing worked as it should. Have only used it for a week but sure enjoy it. The whole process of ordering and receiving went without a single problem. Thank You! Go to Sauna


Got rid of my old sauna and bought a new one with InfraredSaunaGuru. It is definitely a much higher quality with all the bells and whistles attached. Love it more every time I use it. Go to Sauna


Having health conditions I had to make sure my sauna was low EMF and had all health benefits infrared saunas are supposed to deliver. My husband checked himself and the heaters inside my sauna are indeed the highest quality and emit no EMF as advertised. After a month or use, I am already starting to feel the great benefits of my sauna. Thank you InfraredSaunaGuru. Go to Sauna