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Having health conditions I had to make sure my sauna was low EMF and had all health benefits infrared saunas are supposed to deliver. My husband checked himself and the heaters inside my sauna are indeed the highest quality and emit no EMF as advertised. After a month or use, I am already starting to feel the great benefits of my sauna. Thank you InfraredSaunaGuru. Go to Sauna


Your sauna is one of the most valuable things that I have ever purchased. Since I have started using the sauna, I have noticed a great improvement of my health. For over 30 years I have suffered with heavy metal toxicity. I had always heard how an infrared sauna is so beneficial. I was very skeptical until I tried mine. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product. Go to Sauna


I did a great deal of research before I purchased my sauna and I'm very pleased with my 4-person sauna. I was very concerned about customs, duty and shipping. These are costs that can dramatically increase the price. I was very happy to find out that all of these costs were included in the price. When I received the sauna I was pleasantly surprised on how well it was packaged. The assembly was easy and the quality of the fit was very good. Great product, well built, easy to put together and works awesome. Go to Sauna


The sauna went together perfectly, in no time at all. The quality is great. Everything worked without a problem. We are very pleased with it. Go to Sauna


I did a lot of looking before making a call to Infraredsaunaguru. They were extremely friendly, informative and no pressure. It was refreshing. The sauna arrived quickly and was packaged excellently. I was delayed in assembling my sauna for about a week and called Infraredsaunaguru to let them know in case there was an issue. He assured me that would not be a problem. We had a couple of minor issues with missing brackets for the stereo and a broken handle for the vent. Go to Sauna


Wish I made this purchase years ago! Feel so awesome after every use. So clean and pure. Buying from Infraredsaunaguru was so so easy. I ordered on a Friday and received the sauna exactly a week later. Installation was fast, quick and very straight forward. I thought I was going to need help assembling the unit but one piece at a time (including walking down to the basement) I was done in an hour and a half. Right a way, I followed the start up procedures and then soon sweat out a hard week of work. I've been using the sauna after I workout. I spend about a half hour inside watching TV. Going to sleep has been so easy after using the sauna. Go to Sauna


I searched for quality infrared sauna for quite a long time, but couldn't find what I wanted. Then I came across Infrared Sauna Guru and this was exactly what I was looking for. Really good price-quality trade-off and quick delivery. I recommend everyone to use the Infrared Sauna Guru when looking for a quality infrared sauna to purchase. Go to Sauna


The sauna I ordered at Infrared Sauna Guru came even earlier than it was promised and all in excellent quality. The Infrared Sauna Guru has proved it's credibility as the best sauna company in the market. Go to Sauna


I've heard and read lot of favorable reviews about your infrared sauna store. Now I can say that the products quality and service I have received has met my highest expectations. I cannot say enough good things about the customer service. They were really attentive to my needs and very forthcoming. I was happy to deal with you! Go to Sauna


Me and my wife suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Our doctor recommended us to try a sauna to soothe the pain and relieve symptoms and it worked! We both feel much better thansk to therapeutic sauna effects. Go to Sauna


The benefits of our Far Infrared Sauna have been absolutely fantastic. Overall I have felt much more relaxed and healthy throughout the day. The biggest improvement has been with my back pain. I have struggled with lower back pain for years due to 2 incidents with falls and no longer need pain killers or as many visits to my Chiropractor. Also I always had a good skin but now it looks even better than before! I highly recommend Infrared Saunas, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Go to Sauna