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The sauna arrived in a surprisingly short time and in great condition. My husband was able to quickly and easily assemble it with the help of his friend. Unit just snapped together. We have used the sauna several times and love it! I would recommend this sauna and this company to anyone in the market for one.
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North Carolina

We bought the sauna for my elderly father who uses it to help deal with various aches and pains. The sauna is working out great for him, and he really feels the benefits. He's also lost 4 pounds in two weeks. What's better, he can use it when he wants to without a long drive, an appointment, or a long wait. A half an hour IR sauna treatment at the nearest spa costs $30, if you are a member. Since we have two people using the sauna regularly, it will pay for itself very quickly. There are very few things I've seen that I think are a better investment.
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North Dakota

Works great. I was only able to get it to 136 degrees. But that's hot enough for me. There are three holes for ventilation on the bottom floor that you can't close, so I put a towel on it. All the heating elements work great. The only problem I had was after 1 month of use, the right wall panel began to split open at one of the seams. Infraredsaunaguru is sending me a new wall from the manufacturer at no charge. I don't really use the radio. But it works great. The speakers sound good. I like the ionizer...keeps everything smelling fresh.
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I used to have problems with sleeping. Then a friend of mine said I could have this treated without any pills. I couldn't believe this, but then she invited me for weekend and showed me her own infrared sauna. After a short session I slept like a baby! And that did it! I purchased my own Infrared sauna and ever since I have no more trouble falling asleep!
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